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In advanced information communication technology today, there are various terms to lure consumers. There was a laptop. There are notebooks. There netbook. There’s a computer. Or it is the computer, and the difference is a function, design, and price.

Simultaneously, on the side of consumers and computer manufacturers with a variety of terminology, we see there is another aspect to be considered and seductive anyone who saw it. These aspects include the artistic side, as well as technologically superior.

Kind of like a car with a Lamborghini or a Ferrari engine design and superior artistic abilities tested by the speed, the computer with a different terminology is also in common with a luxury car, a futuristic design, and price frowned.

In the computer industry, many computer models that appear to follow this aspect. Apple Computer with the iMac or MacBook Pro is one example. Acer with a series of bright-red Ferrari and seductive design design is another example.