Samsung ST550

July 5, 2009 by admin · Leave a Comment
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Researcher at Samsung noted that many camera users often photographed himself, especially when were in the interest alone. But the photograph in a way usually less focus or do not cover the desired area. Because the photographer can not know the exact position himself in the picture. Overcome this constraint via a series of Samsung LCD ST550 with a double. A small LCD on the front of a mirror will help users when photographing him. Innovation is not smart?

Although the mirror could be placed at the front of the camera as the camera phone, apparently intended to make the Samsung LCD 1.5 “on the front of the ST550 does more interesting. Besides able to display images of objects with a clear and dynamic, this mini-screen can display the status of the camera viewfinder when taking pictures so the user himself can know what the viewfinder mode is used at the time.

Cool it again, photographing small children or infants who are usually hard to laugh now more easily via Children Mode feature. In this feature, the LCD will show the front of the clown funny animation that stimulates expression cheerful child.